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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The talented Sue-Ellen Mac Carthy - Choreographer

Sue-Ellen Chester-MacCarthy was the choreographer of our 2008 production of Moriarty and is delighted to be back working with the company. With 30 years experience as a professional performer, choreographer and dance teacher she brings to the project a wealth of knowledge. As the grand-daughter of an Irish emigrant and having herself immigrated from Australia to these shores, she felt she was well able to bring her own very personal experiences to this particular production and has enjoyed every moment of working, once again, with this wonderful company.

Sue-Ellen's take on Imigéin and Siamsa -
'Returning to work with the Siamsa Tíre company after not having worked with them since their production of Moriarty in 2008 was like coming home to family. In all sincerity there's is a familiarity I find with this company that you don't often come across. 
I enjoy tremendously their willingness to embrace my wanting to find a way of blending the Irish dance with contemporary dance. Not in a way where there's a little of this then a little of that, almost tokenism but, finding a way to marry them together while still maintaining the integrity of both forms of dance. 
This, of course, has been quite a challenge, a challenge that the entire company have embraced with great enthusiasm. There's been sweat & tears and I think I can safely say, we've enjoyed every moment of it!'

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