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Friday, 30 August 2013

Meet Cast Member... Geraldine Hurley

 Geraldine trained with Siamsa Tíre from the age of seven and began performing with the company in 1978. Since then she has been involved in many productions and has toured extensively with the company throughout Ireland and internationally she has toured America to Australia and South America, along with various European tours.
Geraldine became a full-time member of the company in 1986 and worked with various directors, choreographers and vocal coaches, which she continues to do to date in a part-time capacity. She also works in the Admin/Marketing department of the company along with performing with the National Folk Theatre during the summer season. Geraldine is Choral Mistress for the National Folk Theatre and trains up-and-coming students in the training academies along with preparing the cast for various productions.
In addition to performing Geraldine is a full-time mom of three, who, are also currently members of the NFT(National Folk Theatre) and gets a great sense of pride and enjoyment when she is on stage with her children. She is looking forward to the challenges of learning new material in Imigéin and working with the fantastic team that are in place for this production.
Ding Dong Dederto  a 1991 Siamsa production.
Geraldine is 'holding the baby' while her now husband Oliver sings.
Also in this picture is a young Joanne Barry, DIRECTOR of Imigéin!

What is your first memory of Siamsa as a child?
When I was told to go and see Fadó Fadó and follow a character as I would be doing 'that part' and I spotted a YOUNG MAN dancing - hence I ended up marrying him! (note: Geraldine was not a child bride, no,  it is just that meeting her husband Oliver Hurley was such an experience that it wiped her memory of all previous Siamsa performances!)

Give details of a funny or embarrassing(at the time) incident you were involved in...
I witnessed Des Hurley during a school show having a full 'raw' fish shoved into his mouth and then listening to him behind the set puking as I tried to continue with a song!  (Just to clarify this was part of the show and Des survived - today he is the Production Manager for Imigéin)

Describe yourself in three words...
Commited - Serious  -  Loyal

What if anything is the best thing that has happened to you since joining Siamsa?
I have made long-term friends, travelled to Australia and South America (with Siamsa) and best of all meeting MY HUSBAND!

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