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Monday, 12 August 2013

Meet Cast Member... Abigail Herrick

Abigail Herrick is 21 years old. She is studying for a BA in Voice and Dance in the University of Limerick and is going into her final year. She has taken classes in African, Contemporary, Irish, Jazz, Ballet and Modern dance. She has been involved in Irish dancing since she was four years old and has been a part of Siamsa Tíre for 16 years. She has toured with the Siamsa Tíre cast on a national level and also did work experience with the company in 2012. During her work experience she was able to learn from different areas in the company, as well as teach classes. She was with The Oliver Hurley School of Musical Theatre where she trained in singing, acting and dance for several years and also taught classes there. She realised her passion for performing through her involvement with Siamsa Tire.


What is your first memory of Siamsa as a Child?
I remember auditioning for the first time when I was seven and they played two notes on the piano and then played them together - I responded by saying 'I can't sing two notes at the same time'.

What was your favourite part to play in any show and why?
'The Lover' in 'Oiléan'. I just really like the character and the acting side of that particular part.

What is your guilty snack pleasure?

Describe yourself in three words.
Dedicated - Friendly - Happy

What if anything is the best thing that has happened to you since joining Siamsa?
Being part of a close knit community and being part of a 'family'.

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